Sportsvite Events Upcoming games and events organized with Sportsvite en-us Quincy Pickup Street Hockey - Sep 16 (Team Game: Q-Pick Quincy Pickup Street Hockey) 159188 Sat, 16 Sep 2017 18:00:22 -0700 **Sportsvite is no longer compatible with Yahoo email accounts. QPICK members with Yahoo email accounts have not been receiving the weekly invites. If you sign into Sportsvite with a Yahoo email account and you haven't been receiving the usual invites, please change your sign-in to a non-Yahoo email account. ********** Also, FYI, as soon as an event is posted in Sportsvite, you can respond that you're coming. You don't need to receive an invitation from Sportsvite in order to respond. ********** Hopefully this will cure the problem that some of us have been having. Thank you, Ted