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Creating Your Team

Starting a team on Sportsvite takes about 2 minutes... maybe 3 if you need a bathroom break.

Creating a team on Sportsvite

Creating a team on Sportsvite is quick and painless. Fill in some basic information about your team, and we'll have you up and running in a few seconds. You'll get to customize your team's profile, or just dive right into inviting players and managing your schedule.

  1. Team details Start by filling in the name of your team, where you're located, and what sport you play.
  2. Team email and website Choose a unique team ID which we'll use to give you your own custom URL and team email address.
  3. Optional items We've also included some optional items like descriptions and skill level. You can fill these in or ignore them... its up you.
  4. Team status Tell us if you're looking for more players, how often you play and if you're looking for challenges — we'll use this to help the Sportsvite community find you (or not).

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Inviting Players To Your Team

Some services make signup a pain. Not us! Invite your friends, and with one click they're on the team.

Inviting players to your team

Inviting players to join your team is a snap with our custom invite tool. We'll help you find friends already on the site, invite the ones who aren't, and let you send a note to everyone about your new team — all from this one page!

  1. Your friends on Sportsvite Already have friends on Sportsvite? Just select the ones you want to invite and we'll send them a note.
  2. Importing your address book You probably have your addresses stored in your Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL account right? No problem... we'll help you import it and even find players already using Sportsvite to save you a step.
  3. Send manual invitations Of course, if all else fails, you are welcome to add players to the roster manually by entering their email addresses.
  4. Send a note with your invites It can be hard to get your friends' attention... so send them a personalized note!

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Getting Around Your Team

Your Sportsvite team has a lot of features... but don't panic. It's really easy to get around!

How to navigate your Sportsvite Team

Sportsvite's team management tools are robust enough to manage huge teams, or simple enough to manage a small group of friends, and its all organized into a handy sidebar and some clean and simple pages to make managing your recreational sports teams and groups fun and fast!

  1. Team Sidebar Menu The sidebar on Sportsvite is where you'll find all the links to your team's profile, schedule, roster, photo & video galleries, and quick captain controls.
  2. Team URL Your team gets its own unique URL so you can easily share your team website.
  3. Email Archives and Photo Gallery Your team profile has a quick view of all the messages and photos recently posted by your teammates.
  4. Schedule Overview Your team profile also has a quick snapshot of your upcoming team events. Click each event to see more details, or view the full team calendar.

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Managing Your Schedule

Entering and keeping track of your team schedule just went from a chore to a treat!

Entering games and managing your team schedule

Scheduling and managing games might be the best part of your team on Sportsvite! You have two different ways to view your schedule, as well as super fast ways to enter your entire schedule and keep track of who's in and who's out.

  1. List View vs. Calendar View Your Sportsvite schedule defaults to a list view, but also can be viewed as a calendar if you prefer an at-a-glace style.
  2. Calendar Exporting We love our calendar tools... but we know you might like to use your own. So go ahead and export to Outlook, iCal, or grab an RSS feed.
  3. Quick Event Adding Both list view and calendar view have quick and easy ways to add games to your schedule. In calendar view, simply hover over the day of your game and click the add button that appears.
  4. Event Overviews Your schedule shows you the most pertinent data for each event: the type, title, date & time, and location.

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Easy Team Communication

Finally you can say goodbye to email chains and last minute phone tag.

Easy team communication and email archives

Your Sportsvite team has a unique team email to make managing your team communication a snap. You control who receives emails, and everything is saved on your team website for safe keeping.

  1. Team Email Archives In your team sidebar, you'll find a link to Team Email, the home of your email archive.
  2. Send a Message You can send a message to your team quickly and easily without leaving Sportsvite.
  3. Archived Messages Every message you send to your team email (whether on Sportsvite or in your mail client of choice) is automagically saved and stored on Sportsvite for you.
  4. Team Email Address And of course, you have a standard email address which you can use to email your team using your own email client or directly on the site. We handle delivery, archiving, and everything else for you.

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Manage Your Team Roster

The days of paper rosters and who's in / who's out emails are over!

Manage your team roster on Sportsvite

Manage your team roster quickly and easily, with one-click access to contact information, email links, team email preferences, player photos, and more.

  1. Active and Pending Filters Your roster cleanly separates all your active teammates and a list of players you've recruited on the site who haven't yet responded.
  2. Quick Links You can easily email players on your roster or add them to your friend list, all with one click.
  3. Bulk Editing Select as many players as you like and edit them all quickly with one form.
  4. Player Preferences Individually control player preferences for setting who is active (active players are automatically added to games you schedule), co-captain privileges, and who receives emails from the shared email account.

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Game Invites & RSVPs

Each team event you create gets its own profile, easy-to-use RSVP features, and more.

Event profile and RSVP tracking

When you create games, practices, or other events on your team schedule, your teammates will receive an email invitation with simple RSVP links. As they respond, you'll be able to track RSVPs, and in the meantime everyone can enjoy your event's profile page with directions, photos, and other great features.

  1. Directions to the Field Your event profile includes a map of the location of your event, and one click access to directions for your players.
  2. Easy RSVPing Players you invite can RSVP right from their email by clicking the supplied links, or they can do it on the website with our easy RSVP tool.
  3. Event Photos & Trash Talk You can upload photos right to your event profile and even talk trash about the upcoming game.
  4. SMS and Roster Tracking Players can sign up for SMS updates about the game, or just browse to see who's in and who's out.

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Past Game Archive & Team Records

Half the fun of sports is tracking your team's record and stats. With Sportsvite, you can!

Past game records and team stats

Your Sportsvite team has its own Past Games Archive, complete with your team's record (broken down by season for easy viewing) as well as leaderboards for all your team's important stats!

  1. Easy Access to Records Your past games archive is located right alongside your schedule.
  2. Season Filtering You can view your entire team history, or just filter it one season at a time.
  3. Single Game Recaps Each game in your archive includes the final score, any game highlights you entered, and the game MVP. You can also change the associated season if a game is out place, or view the game's profile for nostalgia's sake.
  4. Team Stats and Leaders Your past games archive also includes leaderboards for your key team stats like Most MVP Awards, and Most Talked About Games.

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