Male Soccer team Dirty Groton Scoundrels needs players Soccer

Posted Fri, Jan 19 by Jeremy from Nashua, NH in Teams and Groups / 6 replies

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    Our team, Dirty Groton Scoundrels, needs more players

    If interested, reply and let me know...
  • Brian replied Sun, Jan 21

    Hi Jeremy,
    You still looking for players!!!
  • Jeremy replied Mon, Jan 22

    Yes. Are you looking for indoors now or outdoors in the spring?
  • Brian replied Mon, Jan 22

    Indoor for now and outdoor in spring
  • Ethan replied Tue, Jan 23

    where do you play?
  • Brian replied Tue, Jan 23

    I donā??t play right now I donā??t have a team I can play indoor if you have openings
  • Ethan replied Tue, Jan 23

    we have openings in coed leagues for all levels of play. if this Groton Team is looking for a place to play we can accept them as a team too!
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