Coed softball team looking for players for Summer league Softball

Posted Sun, Feb 19 by Mike from Beverly, MA in Teams and Groups / 10 replies

  • Our coed team is looking for girls and one guy for our coed softball team starting in May. The league is one night per week and goes thru August. Cost is only $50/player. Let me know if you're interested and I can get you more info.
  • Michael replied Sun, Feb 19

    I want to play, played on other co Ed teams.
    978 476 1168
    Call or text
  • Kelsey replied Mon, Feb 27

  • Andy replied Tue, Feb 28

    Interested as well, moved to Beverly a few years ago, outfielder, played for 12 years where I used to live.
  • Amanda replied Wed, Mar 1

    Interested! Please send me more info. Thanks!
  • Albe replied Thu, Mar 16

    I'm interested. Please send more info (location, game days etc)
  • Mike replied Fri, Mar 17

    Sorry, we are full on guys
  • Albe replied Fri, Mar 17

    How about girls? If you need any, can you send me the info? Thanks
  • Mike replied Fri, Mar 17

    We may have room for one girl, I'll know by next week. The league is Coed, one night per week, either M,T,We or F at 630, 745 or 9. We play 18 games plus Playoffs between first week of May and end of August. Cost is about $80 for the season. I'm looking for people who can commit to most games. All games are played at the same field in Beverly. Im sorry, I couldn't tell from your name if you were male or female. I'll contact u next week when I have a better idea on if I will need one more girl or not. If my team doesn't have an opening I'm sure I can get u on a team that does.

    Have a good weekend,

  • Lisa replied 6 hours ago

    Hey! I'm interested....send me more info :)
  • Mike replied 5 hours ago

    We are now looking for guys and girls for our Beverly coed softball league. We have had a few people quit recently so we now have some openings. The league is one night per week, 630,745 or 9 and runs from first week of May thru August. The cost is $80 person for the 18 games plus Playoffs. It's slowpitch arc and anyone who has played softball before it is similar to most other coed leagues. We start 5 guys and 5 girls in the field and alternate the batting order. It's a lot of fun but also a weekly commitment. I'm hoping to get people that can commit to playing most games.

    Let me know if you're further interested or have more questions
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