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Posted Wed, Jun 29 by michael from Bellingham, MA in Players and Activity Partners / 8 replies

  • Looking for other men to wrestle with. I am 37 and looking for a workout partner.
  • Michael replied Sun, Aug 21

    Hey Michael,

    Like you, I am looking for a wrestling partner. I have been part of the east coast wrestling club in the past.

    Hope to get in touch,
  • ed replied Mon, Aug 22

    how much do you weigh?
  • Michael replied Mon, Aug 22

    Hi Ed,

    I weigh 190 lbs.

  • Christian replied Fri, Aug 26

    If possibly id like to join in as well, my new school doesnt have wrestling and i love the sport. 5'11 160 out of shape
  • Christian replied Fri, Aug 26

    I've wrestled a 28 year old ex state champion who was 190, and i won 1 outa 3 matches....i just like to wrestle its fun
  • bruce replied Tue, Jan 24

    MIchael, sign m eup love to wrestle for fun
  • Michael replied Thu, Jan 26

    Hi Bruce,

    I would love to get together to wrestle sometime. The following is my e-mail address:


    If you want, you can reach me at the following number:


    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Marc replied Thu, Mar 24

    Hi Mike,

    I live in Holliston (close to Bellingham) and am an assistant coach for the town's High School team. I'm in my 40s and still actively wrestle, and am looking for training partners. If you're interested please email me at mwolfgang@ceruleanrx.com.

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