Looking to play Lacrosse? Lacrosse

Posted Fri, May 13 by Erica from Attleboro, MA in Players and Activity Partners / 6 replies

  • I'm looking for a Lacrosse team and/or games. If anyone knows of any openings, let me know...
  • Clarice replied Mon, Jun 13

    I am interested in lacrosse also but I'm a beginner but a fast learner..if you have any luck let me know
  • Kellie replied Mon, Jul 18

    I would be interested in starting a league! pickup or what-have-you...especially with that new sportsplex opening in Attleboro
  • Erica replied Tue, Jul 19

    It's been a while since I've played but would love to join your league Kellie if you organize one :)
  • Kellie replied Tue, Jul 19

    Erica, I'm also super rusty! My thoughts are to organize like a meet up situation to just toss the ball around and gain some interest and try get a league organized that way. Would that be something you would be interested in?
  • Devon replied Sat, Jul 23

    I would love to join you guys! I haven't played in years but have been looking for a way to get back into it!
  • Caitlyn replied Mon, Jul 25

    Also interested!
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