Coed Softball on Boston Common Softball

Posted Wed, May 24 by Chris from Watertown, MA in Leagues to Join / 2 replies

  • League Profile: The HUB Softball League

    We are forming one Independent team for our new Thursdays on the the Common League starting Thursday June 1st. Regular independent price is $125 but if you sign up by Monday at Midnight you pay only $99 and if you currently play in a HUB league you save an additional $10 by using code COMMON10!

    This is a unique opportunity to play softball on the most storied softball field in Boston for only $89!
  • L replied Wed, May 24

    Hi, Chris the link says that the page can't be found !
  • Chris replied Thu, May 25

    Here you go - you will like have to cut and paste as the 2nd line is not hyperlinking but is part of the url:
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